On behalf of the Members of the Board of Joyful Way Incorporated, and its cherished Members, Associates and Partners, I welcome you to myjoyfulway.com. Joyful Way Incorporated (originally known as Joyful Way Singers) is a gospel evangelistic ministry, which was born 50 years ago in Cape Coast, when a group of teenage students heeded the call to establish what we know today as Joyful Way Incorporated.

The story of the gospel music landscape and the evolution of charismatic churches in Ghana can hardly be told without mention of the pioneering role of Joyful Way Incorporated. The Group was key in introducing modern day musical instruments such as guitars, and contemporary music styles into our churches back then when they were considered unacceptable.

Over the years, guided by a single-minded mission to proclaim the gospel of salvation through the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Group used and continues to use contemporary music as its major tool of evangelism. Over the years, the Group has travelled the length and breadth of Ghana, visiting several Senior High Schools, churches and villages preaching Christ and Him crucified. The Group has also ministered in the West African sub-region, Europe and the USA. The Group further demonstrates the love and compassion of Christ through counseling of High School students, and humanitarian activities by providing health screening, medical services, donations and financial support to churches and individuals in Ghana.

Joyful Way is very grateful to God for bringing us this far and the impact He has made through mere human vessels like us. Joyful Way has over the past 50 years produced 15 albums with over 120 songs recorded on these albums. Many of these songs, such as Jesus Thank You, Osee Yie, Begye Wo Ayeyi, Osabarima, Wonjie Oyi, I’ve Found It, Never Give Up, Barima Yesu, W’ahenni To Rentwa and Guanhwefo, have become part of the traditional praise and worship repertoire of the Church in Ghana. The lyrics of these songs have brought hope, restoration and joy to many hearts here in Ghana and abroad. The ministration of our songs has brought salvation to many souls, some of whom have today become pastors, marriage counselors, evangelists and minstrels.