The Blessing of Mistakes

The Blessing of Mistakes

Question: When and how did you join Joyful Way Inc.?
Answer: I joined Joyful Way Inc. from Mfantsipim in 1992. It was just by accident. I wasn’t invited; I didn’t know anybody in the group before I joined. I used to spend time in the prayer chapel and it was during one of those times that I met the group. I joined in subsequent meetings and eventually became a member. When I joined, I knew that I had met a group I was comfortable with. I gave my life to Jesus in my last year in school and also became the president for the group.

Question: What has kept you in active ministry for 24 years in Joyful Way?
Answer: The fellowship. The elders made me feel welcome. A typical example was when they got to know I attended meeting from Nsawam, some opened up their homes to me to spend the night there since we usually closed very late. This gave me a sense of belonging. A feeling that has stayed with me throughout the years.

Question: How has your view on Christianity been influenced over the period?
Answer: It moved from a radical hardstand Christian view to a very liberal, embracing and pragmatic Christian view. But as I grew in the ministry and in my faith, I have come to understand that Christ did not come for the righteous but for the sinner. I have also come to appreciate that Christianity is not so much of how you look on the outward. It’s actually on the practicality of a life. So I now accommodate people with some unchristian behaviour which in previous years I would have shunned. This has given me an opportunity to better reach out to people.

Question: What inspired you into leadership?
Answer: I got into leadership accidentally. At the time I resumed active participation, Br. Kofi Ankamah’s leadership was coming to an end. Some of my peers asked me to contest. Initially, I refused but they insisted so I gave in, with the assumption that I will not win. To my surprise, I won by a narrow margin of 12 votes. At that moment, I had to accept and prepare myself into the role as president as God will have it, to the Glory and honour of His name.

Question: As president how were you able to lead the group to build a permanent meeting place defying the many obstacles.
Answer: Once I settled into leadership, I stopped living in denial and went to God. I sought his face for directions. From this time, I was clear in my mind what God wanted me to do. Fortunately for me I found a boar chairman who was on the same wave length. Mr. Ewool was my biggest blessing in my entire leadership tenure. He is visionary, focused and determined. When we proposed to raise one million Ghana cedes (GHC1,000,000) for the House of Joy we did not know where we were going to get it from. That was a lot of money. However, with the things of God, once you and God are on the same page, it doesn’t matter who disagrees with you, eventually the will of God will prevail. And once God has chosen you to do it. He will give the resources to do it. It was amazing the kind of favour we got from the associates. This group has not raised as much money like we did. Amazing things happened, even to the extent that a policy change by the Bank of Ghana went in our favour to increase our investment by 500%; this can only be God.

Question: In terms of challenges you faced as leader of this group, what has been your greatest?
Answer: The tragedy of death that hit the group on the night of our 40th anniversary family gathering. Indeed breaking the news was a big hurdle, but helping members to overcome their fears from the event was a bigger hurdle. By the grace of God, with the help of the board and our associates, we were able to sail through.

Question: What has been your most exciting day with JWI?
Answer: I think the My life, My worship concert (Explosion of Joy 2014). The worship was beautiful. It was experiencing God first hand, 6 months after explosion of Joy we still carried that awe. I was more excited about the move of God than the people that came. For me it will stay with me for a while.

Question: Did you also meet your wife in Joyful Way?
Answer: I met my wife at University of Ghana; we were both members of the University Christian fellowship.

Question: In your term of Office, you re-packaged materials for training new members, what was the motivation for that?
Answer: We decided to re-package it to make it relevant and to enable the structure meet the needs of the ministry. But I must confess, that as a leader, it was a vision. The implementers were Evelyn and George.

Question: What are your music preferences?
Answer: In terms of genre, I actually like highlife. I also like Donnie McClurkin’s kind of music, let’s just say I simply like good music.

Question: What is your all-time favourite Joyful Way song?
Answer: Guanhwefo, on our album titled Be Gye W’ayeyi.

Question: Is there anything your administration wanted to do that you could not?
Answer: Our current bus is too old and we thought we could acquire one. It is also time for the ministry to own its own truck to carry our instruments. The type that can double up as a stage for ministrations. There is also a dream of developing a vacation camp for children away from the city. This is to create an avenue for kids to learn the scripture while having fun.

Question: Do you have any aspiration of becoming a full time minister?
Answer: I have been asked this question several times but I am not convinced of entering into full time ministry. I have also read a book which has influenced my thought: Serving God in the Market Place. I am convinced that I do not have to become a full time clergyman to do God’s work. I like the informal ministry. My first ministry is to my family. Any schedule that allows me time for them is okay. But you never say never. God has a plan for everyone.

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