Becoming An Effective Minister

Becoming An Effective Minister

Meet music coach Emmanuel Ohene a.k.a Brasag. He is primarily a musician and doubles as a music teacher, consultant and trainer.

One aspect of music is singing which involves the use of the voice. The only musical instrument which cannot be replaced when damaged is the voice. It therefore behoves on the individual singer to critically care for the vocal instrument and to know the DOs and the DONT’s regarding the use of the voice and how to train to be effective. The following can help anyone who wants to become an effective song minister.

1. Warm up the voice every day; concentrating on range, pitch and expressions. Do this before you go on stage.
2. Listen to as many songs as possible to help develop your aural skills.
3. Memorize simple melodies and try to identify the note (solfas) in the melody.
4. Be relaxed when you are singing and sing naturally.
5. The piano should guide you when singing. On no account should you attack a song without hearing the piano audibly.
6. Practice the songs given you by your music directors before you go for rehearsals.
7. Give full attention to the songs being taught at rehearsals.
8. A singer must have the following equipment:

  • A full size mirror: where you can see your whole image, i.e. for when you are rehearsing on your own. Practice on posture, mannerism, expression and breath control. This is essential for good stage craft.
  • A recorder: Record your warm-up sessions and songs sang during rehearsals. This helps to assess the quality of your voice and your progress.
  • A piano: A basic knowledge of the piano is necessary for you to sing on a particular key and to develop your ear.
  • Use a metronome or tap your feet when practicing a song to aid you in rhythm and tempo.
  • Check your weight periodically to know the required weight with which you can sing your best. MAKE SURE YOU MAINTAIN THAT WEIGHT.

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