Be That Sacrifice

Be That Sacrifice

It was a great privilege for Solomon to build the temple of the Lord. God made that possible for him to accomplish. And I’m pretty sure he was totally thrilled by it. Solomon offered a vast amount of animals as sacrifice with the people of Israel, so much so that even the brazen altar could not contain the sacrifice on it. It cost Solomon a lot, but someone might say he was king of Israel so he could afford those many sacrifices. This is true, except that in the history of the kings, no one else gave a sacrifice like that of Solomon; no one!! Indeed as a king, it was his duty but he also gave out of a willing heart to his God even as much as God had given him.

You, like Solomon, are royalty yet so often what you present to God is only fit to be given by a peasant. Perhaps, you have not yet understood the position you find yourself in, or your heart is yet to be changed to that of a king.

God was immediately prompted to answer the prayer of Solomon; to dedicate the temple and make it a house of sacrifice. (II Chronicles 7:16) God plainly told Solomon that whenever the people of Israel called unto Him in that temple He would answer them. For His name, heart and eyes were in the temple perpetually. Imagine that!

Now because of the sacrifice of Jesus, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. God’s heart and eyes not only reside in you but He Himself resides in you – how awesome is that! And just like the temple of Solomon, God also calls you a house of sacrifice to Him, and as a result He has chosen and sanctified you for Himself. You can call on God anytime and you know that He hears you and will definitely answer you.

God had made a covenant with Solomon’s dad and he was also under the same covenant to heed the Lord’s commands and prosper. There was no mention of love, only obligation. However, there is something about obligation that can make you snap and say, “I will do your will no longer, do your worst”. And the ‘worst’ may come.

Now Jesus tells you, “I love you” and if you love Him too then obey His commands (John 15:7) and yet someone might say, ‘that’s emotional blackmail’. But wait just a minute! Would this God who;

lowered Himself to be one of His own creatures,
 was suddenly limited by time and space,
 had to succumb to human frailties — hunger, sleep, aching feet, etc
 allowed himself to be beaten mercilessly and spat upon, and
 humbled Himself to a death on a cross — for people to call Him (God) cursed, all because of you!!

Do you really believe that He would ‘pull a fast one’ on you? What a shock! He’s done too much for you to dissuade you of all your misgivings of Him. So when He tells you He loves you, then it’s got to be genuine, the Truth. Permit His love to compel you, just a little to be an offering and give an offering befitting your position in Him!!!!

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