Mortal Instruments

Mortal Instruments

If I was an instrument…
Will the Lord love to play me?
Would I allow Him to tune me?
Especially, when I’m going off key.

Will He play a tune to show of how
I love Him above all?

Of how I’m ultimately grateful
For a life blessed to the full

Would the sounds
I give be a joyful noise?

Will He play me to the highest voice?
Will I be the first and best choice?

Will He play me to encourage another?

Will my sounds of joy travel farther
Will my message be of a loving Father?

Will I be played in every season?
Will I be used for every right reason?
Will I play in the midst of the heathen?

Will I need a reason to praise?
A reason to bless His name?
Will I need to be a cherubim or seraphim?

Will there be a hindrance to my song?
A justifier for what is wrong
The silent one in a praising throng
Will I be a discord of hypocrisy?
Being externally loud with internal deficiency

Not seeking to be of use efficiently
No I won’t be a mark of perfection
Seeing as I’m not without defection
But that won’t be cause for my rejection

For this I want to show gratitude
For the Lord, He is good
Of even the least blessing I can’t exclude

For He’s given his life for mine
Mortal instrument given a chance at the divine
A grafted branch in God’s vine

I am an instrument of His design
I will sing of His wonders and won’t resign

For the chords and scales of my life
He ever defines
A song of gratitude that never dies

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