The Stage Performance

The Stage Performance

There is a subtle development in the perception of Christian musical performances that turns to define a good stage ministration as a well set up platform of “wild” instrumentation, good stage lights, nice LEDs etc together with neatly dressed song ministers to excite the audience.

In II Chronicles 5:12-14, we learn that the priest could not stand to minister when the glory of God filled the temple after the Levitical singers raised songs with trumpets and cymbals and other music instruments in praise to God. Like those singers, our aim is to bring down God’s glory so much so that it would no longer be us standing in front of the audience but God Himself.

It would be good if we reminded ourselves constantly that it is God who decides how the people react to His own good pleasure. Let us not stress ourselves out, while on stage, about what type of reaction we draw from our audience. Let’s rather focus on God to whom our worship is directed.

Rehearsals are perfect but God is the ultimate source of anointing for ministration. So as you prepare for that stage ministration, spend time with God. Tap into that unlimited river of grace and take anointing to carry the message He has ordained you to send for that occasion. The stage is our hearts and where it lies with reference to God makes all the difference. Are our hearts inclined to God, are they in a warm relationship with Him or are they serving our human instincts and whims?

Matthew 12:34 says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’ and in our case, our mouths shall sing what our hearts have perceived and pondered over. If our hearts and those of the people to whom we minister are connected to God, then when we call upon Him, He will answer us and show us great and mighty things. Your gifts can then be manifested and people would be blessed.

It takes hard work and a personal relationship with God to be able to achieve this and see results. But there is grace for every good deed! God bless us.