The Explo Experience

The Explo Experience

There is something beautiful about how souls gather at such a time as this. About how the stars align in a marvellous symphony above our heads as we move our feet towards the entrance of Holiness; towards liberation, strength, wisdom and power.

At such a time as this, we anticipate in our hearts every second of thanksgiving and praise we have to bring. And the signs remain evident in every way; in how the park is “littered” with vehicles that have traveled miles and miles to be present, in the tangible joyous atmosphere in which we usher ourselves into the presence of our heavenly Father. Our commitment is conceivable even in every fainting and seeking heart that has put aside every task, demand and unattended need to be a part of this glorious encounter.

Our worship evokes in our spirits, a desire to lean deeper into the wholeness of our God. It is at such a time as this that we, unreservedly, surrender our baffled hopes and broken hearts, our daily directions and entire beings at the mercy seat.

In this moment, blind to stage cameras and yellow lights, everything else is a ministration admonishing us to press into mercy and grace. It is here that with one accord, we lift up our eyes to the heavens and catch a glimpse of the holiness and matchless love of God. It is here that as one and not a thousand, we bear patiently and sweetly the presence of the One we serve.

We tremble with love and awe as our songs lift us up to an appearance of jasper and ruby. We sing to Holiness. We sing to eyes blazing like fire and feet glowing like bronze.

As one temple, we call unto Him, and His voice like the sound of rushing waters, pours and fills our thirsty souls.

There’s something about how souls gather at such a time as this. About how we walk out of this sanctuary and infinitely desire another glorious encounter, where we soar above the heavens with captured hearts and driven voices.